4 Key Benefits of Double Sided Wood Burners

01 Mar

Do you have a central chimney breast or open-plan living room? If so, then you may want to consider installing a double sided wood burner. Not only are they nice to look at, they’re efficient and practical. Here are just some of the many benefits of choosing this kind of wood burner for your home:

Hunter Herald 14 Double Sided

1. Double sided wood burners come in a range of shapes and sizes

There’s a diverse range of double sided wood burners out there. There are small, mid-size and large options meaning that they are suited to a variety of living spaces. The style of your wood burner can be either traditional or contemporary to create the atmosphere you desire. Plus, there are additional fixings you can choose to achieve a particular look such as window bars or a canopy.

2. They’re twice as nice

Double sided wood burners are perfect for homes with a chimney breast in the centre or where a chimney opens into two rooms. They can be placed in the middle and offer heat to both rooms, meaning you don’t need multiple wood burners to cover multiple rooms. You don’t have to spend time refuelling different wood burners either, so that means less work for you.

3. They make a stunning focal point

They’re not just for homes with two connecting living spaces, double sided wood burners make an excellent addition to homes with large open spaces. They can be placed on an island in a large or open-plan room as a centrepiece. This makes for an interesting and unique focal point.

4. Double sided wood burners use the latest technologies

You’d be surprised by how great the heat output of these burners are. But with it being such an effective form of heating, you might imagine that they’re not energy efficient. Thankfully, that’s something you don’t have to worry about with a double sided wood burner as they use new technology to ensure that the fuel inside is burnt efficiently. More specifically, many use Cleanburn technology which results in fewer emissions.

As you can see double sided wood burners provide double the beauty and double the comfort. If you’re considering such an alluring focal point for your home then take a look at our range of double sided wood burners now.

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Common questions when buying wood burning stoves

16 Jan

If you are considering investing in a new wood burning stove, then you probably already know how aesthetically pleasing they are. It could be that you have some practical questions though. We are going to cover some of the more popular queries about everything from installation to fuel concerns for your wood burning stove.

clean woodburning stoveIs it okay to burn wood these days?

Rest assured that your wood burning stove is not going to cause any environmental or local authority issues.  However, you should check the credentials of your fuel supplier. They should be offering responsibly-sourced, well-seasoned timber. This is then a carbon neutral and energy-efficient fuel.

What sort of room best suits wood burning stoves?

Modern engineering, design and manufacturing techniques have provided homeowners with an incredible range to choose from allowing most rooms in a home to be installed with a woodburning stove. There a variety of finishes and shapes, from traditional cast iron to sleek ergonomic models to slip effortlessly into contemporary interiors. If you want a pink or white stove, why not!

There are some style options for fireplaces, including wood burning stoves, in this article.

How efficient are wood burning stoves?

The size and functionality you choose for your model will impact on how much heat it generates; just one of the ways you can match it with your own preferences. What has been thoroughly tested and verified, is that wood burning stoves are substantially more energy efficient than open fires.

Perhaps even more significantly, is that according to the Energy Saving Trust, a wood stove hooked up to radiators can bring substantial savings per year when compared to gas-fired heating.


That all means that your  wood burning stove could pay for itself in a relatively short time.

Can I install a wood burning stove myself?

If you are tempted to do some DIY when it comes to adding the comfort and visual enjoyment of a wood burning stove, then please be aware it must conform to building regulations.

As compliance is not an easy thing for even the most enthusiastic homeowner, it’s recommended that you use an installer with the correct experience and expertise.  In France these can be easily identified by looking for installers with the RGE qualification and are all listed on the Quali-ENR site  You can view all the installers certificate of qualification and insurance certificates which are inspected and audited by the organisation annually therefore giving you complete peace of mind.

For the affordability of using a specialist installer, visit our services page and give us a call for a quote.

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Do I need a fireguard for a wood burner?

20 Dec

Wood burning stoves have a lot to offer homeowners, not least the way in which they provide an opportunity for the whole family to gather around them for quality time on cold winter evenings. But one of the reasons some people may hesitate to get a wood burner is having young children in their household.

fire guards black steel no 2The good news is that, with a few simple steps, you can make your wood burner safe for family living. It’s good to also keep in mind that double sided wood burners offer you all the heat, ambiance and appeal of an open fire, but the flames are controlled within your beautiful stove.

Find the right fireguard for a wood burner

There is one really important thing you can do to ensure your wood burning stove is an entirely positive addition to your home: invest in a fireguard especially designed for the purpose. It is sometimes tempting to choose something overly ornate, but it could well prove flimsy and inadequate for its task. For example, a fireguard for double sided wood burners would need to protect the entire heat source properly. This requires a multi panel fireguard.

It needs to be made of substantial and appropriate materials, too, to provide the required level of heat distribution. Make sure your fireguard is installed correctly and is the right distance from your wood burning stove. Whatever type and style of fireguard for wood burner you choose, it should come with a guide on recommended distances.

Making the most of your wood burning stove safely

One of the other important things you can do to enjoy of the benefits of a wood burning stove is to set some ground rules for younger members of the household. Just as you would explain safety considerations about running on stairs or using sharp knives, information is key.

Some easy to understand instructions and cautions about touching or playing with your double sided wood burner need to be spelled out. It is worth revisiting these on a regular basis. For more information about helping to explain fire safety to children, try KidsHealth and the London Fire Brigade.

One method you could try is keeping a clear area around your fireguard for wood burner. That way, the luxurious heat can be felt to full effect, items around it don’t get damaged or too hot, and there is no temptation for young children to play too close.

As with all household safety, there is no reason why your family shouldn’t enjoy the comfort of your home, as long as they have the important facts – and as long as you you have invested in a well-made fireguard for wood burning stoves. To browse our lovely range of fireguard for wood burning stoves, click here, or for more information, you can get in touch with us today.

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Tips on cleaning your French wood burning stove

29 Nov

A French wood burning stove can make a cosy and practical addition to your home this winter. You should keep your stove clean and tidy to ensure optimal performance and keep your room looking good.

If you allow your stove to become clogged with old ash, the air will not be able to circulate properly within the appliance and it will not burn efficiently. You should ideally clean your fire out every week if it is in regular use.

Here’s how to clean your French wood burning stove.

Remove the internal parts of the French wood burning stove

Allow the French wood burning stove to cool completely before attempting to clean it out.

Start by removing all the internal parts of the French wood burning stove, including the grate. Use a dustpan and brush to remove as much of the ash and debris as you can from the stove. If you have a garden, your plants and soil will appreciate the addition of the waste ash.

Vacuum away all the remaining ash and debris using a specially designed fireplace vacuum. You can usually find these in specialist fireplace supplies retail outlets or good DIY stores. Check around the inside of the stove for any clinging, stubborn debris, and remove this with a stiff wire brush if necessary.

When everything is clean, replace all the parts and apply a dressing of light oil to door hinges and mechanisms.

Cleaning the window of the French wood burning stove

In order to enjoy the flickering flames inside your French wood burning stove, you must keep the glass window clean. Use a mild solution of washing-up liquid and warm water to wipe away any soot from the glass. Dry the window and polish it up using spray window cleaning solution. Do not use abrasive pads or cleaning solutions as this will scratch the surface.

Use a damp cloth to wipe around the exterior of the appliance to remove any dust or residual ash.

For more information and advice on how to clean and maintain your French wood burning stove, contact the helpful team at Stovesellers.

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To buy or not to buy? The drawbacks and benefits of wood pellet stoves

18 Oct

Wood pellet stoves are becoming increasingly popular for their versatility, design and functionality. Pellets are C02 neutral and come from a renewable source for a sustainable heating system. But before you take the plunge, here’s a quick guide to the drawbacks and benefits of wood pellet stoves.

Diadema Idro pellet stove

Drawbacks of wood pellet stoves

• Maintenance: if you’re used to cleaning a wood burner, then you perhaps won’t be too phased by having to thoroughly vacuum the burning pot every week. But your wood pellet stove will also need a thorough deep clean every three months and a service annually.

• Noise: one of the big drawbacks of pellet burners used to be the noise of the ventilator and auger when the stove is in operation. However, these problems have been largely dealt with in newer stoves as the technology improves.

• Fire: the flames from a pellet burner are much smaller than those of a wood burner, and can’t compare to the look of a traditional roaring fire.

• Electricity: for wood pellet stoves to achieve full functionality, they’re dependent on electricity and won’t work in a power cut.

The benefits of wood pellet stoves

• Functionality: if you want the sustainability of burning wood with the ease of use of a conventional boiler then a pellet burner is the ideal choice. You can programme them and adjust the temperature with a room thermostat, or even control them from an app on your phone. It’s this hassle free operation and autonomy that is a big plus for wood pellet stoves – just add the pellets, set the programme and enjoy comfortable warmth in your home day after day.

• Efficiency: wood pellet stoves can be up to 90% efficient, which makes them far more economical than a wood burning stove. The on-board computer will also ensure the pellet burner operates at maximum efficiency, producing an ash content from wood pellets of just 0.5-1%.

• Convenience: you may not have room to stack and store logs, but there’s always space for bags of pellets. These can be easily stored thanks to their compactness and are always ready to use. The price of pellets has been comparatively steady in recent years, making them a cost-effective fuel and as a biomass fuel they’re carbon neutral too.

If you’re interested in investing in a wood pellet burner that’s capable of doing everything from looking decorative to running your heating and hot water system, then contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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