Yule love your stove this Christmas

20 Dec

Festive traditions can vary drastically between families, countries and cultures, but one thing remains constant: it’s not Christmas without a roaring fire.

Yule love your stove this Christmas

As well as the fabulous warmth, smell and aesthetic appeal of wood burning, pellet burning or multi fuel stoves, they also provide a focal point for fun Christmas traditions. So, how can you put your stove at the heart of your Christmas celebrations?

Of course, the most important festive ritual of all concerns a certain Christmas Eve visitor and the provisions that must be left ready for him. Don’t forget to leave treats for Father Christmas and his reindeer by the stove, or he won’t leave any presents!

Your stove offers many ways to help you eat, drink and be merry at Christmas. Stove tops are convenient places to warm your mince pies or keep your mulled wine hot, while roasting chestnuts in a wood burning stove is a real treat. You can even use the shells as aromatic fire starters the next day.

The Yule log is a Christmas tradition that exists in various forms across Europe, stemming from the Nordic region. Originally, the Yule log was an entire tree that would be brought into the house and burned on the open fire, inch by inch, during the 12 Days of Christmas. If the household didn’t burn the whole log, it would be stored for the year and relit the following Christmas.

That would be pretty difficult with a stove, as you couldn’t shut the door!

But another approach to the Yule log tradition is to cut it into smaller sections that can be burned off, one piece per day, throughout the Christmas period. This charming ritual means that the whole family can enjoy the literal warmth of the Yule log, along with its symbolic meaning.

We wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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The 12 Stoves of Christmas

20 Dec

If you all want for Christmas is a wood burning stove – or alternatively, a multi fuel stove or pellet burning stove – there is an array of models to choose from.

Wood Burning

So, join us as we take you on a festive journey through the 12 Stoves of Christmas…

  1. 1. Wood burning stoves – Stoves that are dedicated to burning wood only are often much more efficient than multi fuel stoves. We love the traditional look of the Franco Belge range.
  2. 2. Multi fuel stoves – These stoves are predominantly designed to burn coal, anthracite, peat and other multi fuels, as well as wood, offering great versatility. The Hunter range features a brilliant variety of styles and sizes.
  3. 3. Pellet burning stoves – Many can be operated by a remote control or even from your mobile phone. The Ketty pellet stove in the Extraflame range provides excellent value for money.
  4. 4. Wood burning boiler stoves – Models such as the Diadema Idro can run your hot water and central heating systems.
  5. 5. Wood burning range cookers – An amateur chef’s dream, stoves like those in the Nordica range offer style and great cooking power.

6, 7 & 8 – Low, medium and high output stoves – Make sure you choose the right stove to heat your space.

  1.   9. Double sided wood burners – These stunning models, such as the Parkray Consort range, are both practical and a fantastic focal point.
  2.   10. Traditional stoves – Love the look of classic stoves? We have a vast selection to choose from.
  3.   11. Contemporary stoves – For minimalists, we offer many sleek and modern designs, including models from the popular Stovax range.
  4.   12. Enamelled stoves – Surfaces that are enamelled, such as on the Dru 64CB, are strong and effortless to clean.

Does the choice seem a little daunting? Talk to the experts at Stove Sellers and we’ll make sure you select the right stove for your home and lifestyle.

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Countdown to a Cosy Christmas

21 Nov

With the festive season on its way, all thoughts are turning to this year’s Christmas celebrations.

If you have a wood burning, pellet burning or multi fuel stove, you’re probably looking forward to getting the family together around its cosy glow. For sheer seasonal cheer, it’s hard to beat the warmth, comfort and atmosphere that a stove can bring.

contemporary stoves

However, even the jolliest Christmas can be ruined by a stove that stops working effectively or becomes unsafe because it hasn’t been properly maintained. So, just as you start making your Christmas shopping list for presents and treats, now is a good time to tick off a few boxes concerning your wood burning stove.

Your very first job is to make sure that your chimney has been swept recently. The law in France states that chimneys must be swept every six months during its period of use, so if you haven’t already done so, now is the time to book your sweep.

Next, perform a check to make sure that all your stove’s elements are in good condition and working well – include rope seals and gaskets in your stove MOT. The vermiculite fire bricks in your stove can crack or break with use, so check them over to make sure they’re in good condition. If any elements need to be replaced, get in touch with us and we can order the correct items for you.

Cleaning the baffle and removing soot deposits from the baffle plate are also good ways to ensure the best performance from your stove.

For a safe, warm and hassle-free Christmas, take these few basic steps and you’ll be able to look forward to a roaring fire that adds to the festive atmosphere, day after day.

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How Parkray stoves combine heritage with innovation

20 Nov

For over 100 years, the Parkray brand has been synonymous with quality heating appliances.

Parkray Consort 15 Double Sided

Many years ago, people living in the UK would have heard of Parkray because the company supplied a lot of heating systems and boilers for council housing. But then the brand pivoted to a different market and is now one of the most respected manufacturers of wood burning and multi fuel stoves.

With its long and proud history in heating solutions, Parkray has been responsible for developing many of the UK’s heating product manufacturing standards. It boasts an impressive heritage and this is reflected in its array of traditional stoves.

The company’s Consort range features a broad selection of designs, from large focal points to compact stoves for smaller spaces. Many of the models are available as either multi fuel stoves or wood burning only and the clever ‘Cleanburn’ technology helps to reduce gas emissions. Another innovation is the ‘Airwash’ technology that keeps your stove’s glass sparkling clean.

Even available in stunning double-sided designs, the extensive Parkray Consort range offers something to suit almost any style or requirement.

For those with more contemporary tastes, Parkray has also moved with the times to create sleeker designs that might appeal to the minimalist. The Aspect range offers large windows and smooth lines that look brilliant against even the most unfussy backdrop.

This company has blended innovation with history for decades and really cares about its customers. So much so, Parkray requests that retailers do not sell their products online. The firm believes that customers must receive the very best advice before they buy, to ensure they choose precisely the right Parkray stove for them.

So, take a look at the range on our website and then have a chat with us about how this iconic brand can become the heart of your home.

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Not a millionaire? You can still save money with a stove

22 Oct

For many of those who weren’t lucky enough to win the largest Euromillions jackpot ever – €190 million – keeping heating costs down will still be a priority this winter.

contemporary stoves

Wood burning, pellet burning and multi fuel stoves can be highly energy efficient. We sell a wide range of stoves with heating efficiency ratings in excess of 80%. However, there are additional ways to make your stove work as hard as possible, as cheaply as possible.

For a start, sourcing the fuel for wood burning or multi fuel stoves can be much cheaper if you buy from people in your local community, rather than from wood suppliers. Farmers and tree surgeons can be a great place to start.

Finding and drying your own wood results in free fuel, but you must ensure that the wood has been seasoned for at least two years before you use it. The wood should also have a moisture content of less than 16%. If the wood is wetter than that, it won’t burn, resulting in very little warmth.

You can’t tell how dry wood really is just by looking at it. Fortunately, you can buy a moisture monitor that will tell you whether the wood is ready to blaze or a damp squib.

Another way that you can save money is to check whether you quality for the tax credit, or Crédit d’Impôt Transition Energetique (CITE). If you meet the criteria, you can benefit from a reduction in TVA and get a further 30% off the cost of the stove.

But don’t delay, the conditions of CITE are due to change at the end of this year and will then be based on the income of the applicant. Under the new format, you may not receive the 30% discount or any at all. So, if you’re thinking about installing a stove, there’s no time like the present.

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