A buyer’s guide to pellet stoves

25 Sep

pellet stoves IsideindroPellet stoves  are proving to be one of the most popular heating solutions around; efficient, eco-friendly and stylish, they could be just what you need to improve your home. But what do you need to consider when considering buying and installing a new pellet stove?

Pellet stoves, unlike woodburning stoves, use a different fuel source; compressed pellets made from recycled wood shavings and sawdust. This is material that might otherwise  find its way to landfill, so in choosing a pellet stove you are making a very environmentally conscious choice. In addition, the pellets are incredibly efficient at producing heat (the compression process results in a dry product that contains less water than wood in its untreated state) and are, therefore, a very effective and economical fuel. Pellet stoves in our range typically provide a greater overall combustion efficiency, from 80% to upwards of 90%.

If your heating requirements aren’t straightforward, then a pellet stove could be just what you’re looking for, providing a solution that can supplement an existing heating system by connecting to an existing radiator circuit, or work independently as your principal heating source. The addition of timer facilities and even controls manipulated by your  mobile phone can make the pellet stove an incredibly convenient way of bringing heat to your home. Pellet stoves do require electricity in order to operate, so you’ll need to consider the proximity to a power source when siting your stove.

Room heating Pellet stoves store their fuel in an in-built hopper that can hold between 15kg and 50kg of fuel. Pellet stoves typically produce a heat output between 4Kw and 28Kw depending upon size, so take the opportunity of speaking with us before you buy to get some advice on the best model for your particular needs .

Our range of pellet stoves are available in a variety of styles from the very sleek and modern  to the traditional .

There’s no doubt that purchasing a pellet stove is an investment, however, it is an investment that will repay the initial costs in energy savings and the longer term benefits of using an environmentally friendly renewable energy source. Regular servicing is advisable, as you would with any similarly sophisticated piece of engineering. But with appropriate care, your pellet stove should provide you with an excellent source of heating that will make your home both inviting and stylish.

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