Don’t let your summer property romance cool when winter arrives

19 Jun

If you fall in love with a French property in the heady days of summer, taking the right action over heating can prevent your ardour freezing when the days grow chilly.

Chimney Sweeping

Holiday season is here, which means that residents and visitors alike are discovering the diverse beauty of France. Summer is a popular time for people to discover a new place to call home.

But no matter how appealing your new property might be in the sunshine, it’s wise to plan ahead for when the days grow colder and you’ll need to heat your new pad. Huge fireplaces are common in France and if you have a dream of sitting around a roaring wood burning, pellet burning or multi-fuel stove, we can certainly help make that dream come true.

However, before you assume that a stove will take pride of place in your property, it’s important to undertake a survey first to assess suitability and check for any problems that could arise.

For example, you may have a large fireplace in your living room, but are you sure that the chimney is straight? If it twists and turns on the way up, inserting a chimney liner could be difficult.

Do you want to place your stove in a corner of the room or another unusual position? This could require smaller outlets, which restricts the kind of stove you can use.

That’s why it’s smart to ask experienced professionals, such as Stove Sellers, to check out the property first. This is particularly important if you’re buying an older or derelict house for renovation. If the chimney hasn’t been swept for many years, it may require specialist cleaning to remove possible build-up of creosotes, which can present a fire hazard.

Get in touch with us today and let’s make sure your property romance has a happy – and warm – ending.

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