Fuel the flames of romance with a wood burning stove

13 Feb

Looking to create the perfect romantic atmosphere for Valentine’s Day? Nothing beats a wood burning stove when it comes to cosy moments with your favourite person.

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On Valentine’s Day, couples everywhere will be heading for busy restaurants to enjoy overpriced menus and publicly demonstrate their love. However, the really romantic lovebirds out there know that for a truly unforgettable evening, there’s nothing better than cuddling up in front of a roaring fire in the comfort of your own home.

Not only will the efficient heat from a stove melt even the coldest heart, the wonderful smell, sight and sound of a real fire create a romantic ambiance that is sure to fan the flames of passion!

For an extra touch of magic, you can add some soothing scents to your fire – pinecones, dried fruit and herbs all make a room smell divine.

Of course, wood burning stoves aren’t the only option to warm your love nest. Multi fuel stoves offer flexibility with a range of different fuel types, which can be handy when you’re running late for your Valentine’s date and need to pick up whatever fuel is most convenient. Pellet burning stoves are another great choice for creating a warm and intimate backdrop for your romantic evening.

As winter is still upon us, you’ll probably want to fill your living space with soft and cosy textures to ward off the cold and enhance the romantic atmosphere. With stoves, the fire is safely contained behind glass and metal, so you don’t have to worry about errant sparks flying out. After all, you only want to set your beau’s heart on fire – not your rug!

Take a look at our amazing range of stoves today and you’re sure to find your perfect match.


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