How one Stove Could Heat your Entire Home

30 Jan

Did you know that you can power hot water boilers and central heating systems from wood burning stoves or cookers?

Edilkamin wood stove
Boiler stove installations
are more complicated than those required just for room heating and there are lots of very important factors to be considered. The right time to think about these is at the beginning, before you buy a stove and here at Stove Sellers, we have the expertise to ensure you make the right choice.

Boiler model stoves and cookers primarily come in one of two kinds: Those with an integral, or wraparound, boiler that forms part of the stove body itself and those with ‘clip-in’ boilers, which can be retro-fitted to most brands of stove.

It’s essential that your home has a system of pipework that has all the necessary safety cut-off devices, along with good gravity circulation. The stove’s size and heat output are also primary concerns. The ratio between direct room heating and the boiler output is proportional, so you need to choose the right model to power your boiler and/or radiators as well as warming the room in which it’s located.

Select too small a boiler and your radiators will not get hot enough; too large and you could find the boiler is running continuously as it boils off excess heat.

The key to getting it right is to seek expert advice from the outset. All wood burning stove installers in France need to be professionally qualified (RGE) to carry out this work, so many plumbers may not be properly qualified or insured. What’s more, if the installer isn’t qualified, their client will not be able to benefit from the 30% tax credit available for wood burning, multi fuel and pellet burning stoves.

Talk to us and we’ll ensure your new system is safe, reliable and efficient from the start.

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