How your stove can embrace 2020’s hottest interior design trends

29 Jan

With the arrival of January comes a wealth of predictions about how our home styles will evolve during the new year.

Invicta Itaya

For 2020, interior design fashion is widely expected to take a more opulent turn than in recent years, with a greater focus on retro revival and authenticity.

Out go the perfectionist, minimalist design schemes, in comes an emphasis on heritage, atmosphere and a more ‘maximalist’ approach.

Experts predict that bold colours and striking patterns will push out the cooler grey and pastel looks that have been so popular recently. Monochromatic continues to be a buzzword, but pale schemes will give way to rich and daring palettes, such as cobalt blue and aubergine.

There will be an emphasis on vintage comfort and the slightly fussier aesthetics of yesteryear, with ‘lived-in’ furniture being preferred over untouched items that have clearly just left the showroom.

At the same time, learning how to layer modern classics with antique or pre-loved furniture will help to make your home the trendiest in the neighbourhood.

So, what does this mean if you’re thinking about buying a wood burning, pellet burning or multi fuel stove?

To tap into the traditional yet stylish trend, you really are spoiled for choice with our stoves. Alongside many contemporary models with clean, sleek lines, our selection of stoves also includes a huge number of traditional designs that just ooze vintage character and charm.

From substantial double-sided stoves that can heat a large space, to small burners designed to add warmth to an intimate room, we have something for everyone – all sourced from a broad variety of respected stove manufacturers.

Combine timeless style with 21st century heat efficiency and performance, and you’re on track to make the biggest interior design statement of 2020.

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