Top 5 benefits of a free standing wood burner

17 Nov

There are few more welcoming sights on a cold winter’s evening than a free-standing wood burning stove. Elegant, rustic and hearty, a wood burner provides a focal point for the room and one of the best heat sources money can buy.

diamond1The benefits are many and varied, but here are a few of our favourites:

  1.  Aesthetic appeal:
    A free standing wood burner is, simply put, a thing of beauty. You can choose from a number of styles that fit in with almost any home, from the traditional farmhouse look through to a minimalist, modern interpretation of this classic stove that would not look out of place in an upscale city retreat.
  2. Woodburning stoves simply transform rooms, with the natural orange glow adding to the actual warmth to create an ambience that puts a smile on everyone’s face. It might be cold outside, but a wood burning stove makes everyone feel like they’re sheltered from anything that the weather can produce!
  3. Efficiency:
    There are plenty of alternative ways to heat your home, but a wood-burning stove is an exceptionally efficient way to do it, as these days some fireboxes achieve 80% efficiency. They are also 50-60% more efficient than an open fire.
  4. Modern stoves require a third less wood than older models, thanks to new design techniques and if you use eco logs then a stove stacks up well against alternative fuel sources when it comes to pure cost.
  5. As eco logs are largely made from waste wood, too, there’s no real net cost to the environment and it’s actually the eco-friendly way to heat your house and water. Even if you don’t opt for the environmentally friendly briquettes, burning wood is carbon neutral as the amount of carbon dioxide produced from burning logs is roughly equivalent to how much that wood removed from the atmosphere as the tree grew in the first place.
  6.  Cleanliness
    Anybody who thinks a wood stove will fill their home with smoke and soot is living in the past. A modern, free standing wood burning stove produces 70% less dust and particles inside your home and about the same reduction in the smoke from your chimney. Improved combustion efficiency means you’ll have less methane, carbon dioxide and other compounds in the atmosphere, too.
  7. That makes a stove a clean way to heat your house and there are much fewer irritants in the air, so a new stove will certainly make a difference to the air quality in your house.
  8. No fireplace required
    If you want to install a traditional fire or an enclosed stove then first you’ll have to lay the groundwork and make expensive alterations to your home to create a proper fireplace. A free standing wood burning stove doesn’t need this kind of foundation, it’s designed to be a structure in its own right and doesn’t need a place to sit.
  9. Or a chimney…
    A free standing wood burning stove doesn’t even need a chimney,  you can have a twin wall flue system that exits through a hole in the wall. So if you thought a real log fire was out the question, a wood burning stove could be just the answer you’re looking for.


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