Top safety gadgets to keep stove owners safe

08 Jan

The wood or pellet burning stove is becoming a must-have for increasing numbers of savvy home owners. Not only are they stylish, cost-effective and energy efficient, they are fun to use too! From the child collecting kindling in the woods, to the father showing him how to light it and the family toasting marshmallows on the roaring flames, a stove really does create an unrivalled focal point in the home. Alongside this, however, comes a recognition that wood burning and pellet stoves do require care and attention in their installation and maintenance, in order to ensure that the family and home are kept safe.

All wood burning stoves should be cleaned and checked before the winter months, when they will be most frequently in use. Ensure that the latch on the door of your stove opens and closes properly, check seals are intact and ensure the glass screen is free from cracks or damage. In addition, you will need to have your chimney swept at least once a year in order to keep the flues clear and to minimise the risk of a chimney fire. These measures are all well-known by every stove owner but they are not the only measures you can take to keep your family safe.

Here are our top safety gadgets:

product_image_29961_1541. Moisture meters for wood burning stoves

It’s essential to use good quality wood, preferably with a moisture level of less than 20%. If your logs are damper than this, they will blacken the glass on your screen, spit and create a house full of smoke. These great little gadgets, called moisture meters , are a great, easy-to-use way of telling, at a glance, how dry the wood in your log store is. A must-have for all stove owners!


product_image_29945_1442. Fireguards

Where young children and pets are concerned, you can never be too careful. As well as protecting from sparks or small bits of wood flying out of the stove, a fire guard or screen is a physical reminder that the fire is there. We stock a huge range to suit all designs of stove and cater to all tastes and budgets.


Stove_pipe_Therm_pic3. Stove Pipe Thermometer

This thermometer is a useful way of identifying the temperature at which your fire is burning. Wood, multi-fuel and pellet stoves all need to operate at a safe level: if they are too hot, they risk wasting energy and over-firing and if they are too cool they will begin to form creosote on the flue, a major cause of chimney fires. A stove pipe thermometer sits on the flue pipe and is very easy to read and use.



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