Why should I switch from an open fire to a stove?

24 Jan

Are you looking to ring the changes in 2020? Those who would like to ignite new passion for their home might be considering replacing their open fire with a wood burning stove this year.

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In that case, you may be asking yourself – is it worth it? What are the benefits of a wood burning stove compared to an open fireplace?

First of all, the efficiency gains of installing a wood burning stove – or alternatively, a multi fuel or pellet burning stove – can be considerable. The average open fireplace will lose 25% of its heat straight up the chimney. In contrast, our range includes stoves that boast in excess of 90% heat efficiency. That’s good for both your comfort and your fuel bill.

Also, while we’re discussing financial benefits, choosing to install a stove could qualify you for a tax credit. Here in France, people who invest in enhancing the energy performance of their home can claim the Crédit d’Impôt Transition Energetique (CITE), which means a reduction in TVA and a saving on the cost of the stove.

Safety is always a major consideration around fires in the home. While you must always comply with the law regarding chimney sweeping, stoves offer extra peace of mind because the fire is enclosed behind tough glass and metal. When you go to bed at night, you can rest assured that no spark or ember will leap out of the fire onto a flammable surface – an assurance you simply don’t have with open fireplaces.

When you install a stove, your chimney will need to be lined, which offers an extra level of safety, particularly if your home is quite old. The presence of a liner can even make sweeping the chimney an easier task.

We’re always delighted to offer help and advice, to ensure that you choose the perfect stove for your home and lifestyle.

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