Yule love your stove this Christmas

20 Dec

Festive traditions can vary drastically between families, countries and cultures, but one thing remains constant: it’s not Christmas without a roaring fire.

Yule love your stove this Christmas

As well as the fabulous warmth, smell and aesthetic appeal of wood burning, pellet burning or multi fuel stoves, they also provide a focal point for fun Christmas traditions. So, how can you put your stove at the heart of your Christmas celebrations?

Of course, the most important festive ritual of all concerns a certain Christmas Eve visitor and the provisions that must be left ready for him. Don’t forget to leave treats for Father Christmas and his reindeer by the stove, or he won’t leave any presents!

Your stove offers many ways to help you eat, drink and be merry at Christmas. Stove tops are convenient places to warm your mince pies or keep your mulled wine hot, while roasting chestnuts in a wood burning stove is a real treat. You can even use the shells as aromatic fire starters the next day.

The Yule log is a Christmas tradition that exists in various forms across Europe, stemming from the Nordic region. Originally, the Yule log was an entire tree that would be brought into the house and burned on the open fire, inch by inch, during the 12 Days of Christmas. If the household didn’t burn the whole log, it would be stored for the year and relit the following Christmas.

That would be pretty difficult with a stove, as you couldn’t shut the door!

But another approach to the Yule log tradition is to cut it into smaller sections that can be burned off, one piece per day, throughout the Christmas period. This charming ritual means that the whole family can enjoy the literal warmth of the Yule log, along with its symbolic meaning.

We wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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