Hunter stoves

Hunter stoves

The Hunter range of stoves is, in our opinion, one of the best value for money stoves currently available on the market. Generally regarded as the quintesential 'cottage' or 'farmhouse' stove, the company in Devon, UK has been producing stoves of a traditional nature for many years. The larger models (Herald 8 & 14) have been popular sellers here in France particularly with the French themselves and the central heating stoves of the range have received particular praise for their simple robust design, controlability and good looks. If you want to buy what the French 'in the know' buy, why not think about giving one a try yourself?

Hunter Hawk 4

You’ll be charmed by the size of this cute multifuel stove – but don’t...

  • - 4%
Hunter Hawk 4 Double Sided Stove

You don’t need a huge space for this multifuel stove. If your...

  • - 2%
Hunter Herald 14

What do you get from the Herald 14? Take a look at these figures. This large...

Hunter Herald 14 Boiler Stove

What do you get from the Herald 14? Take a look at these figures. This large stove...

  • - 2%
Hunter Herald 14 Double Sided

Prepared for a surprise? The Herald 14 delivers a max heat output of...

  • - 2%
Hunter Herald 4

The Herald 4 looks stylish and is well engineered. Hunters have...

  • - 2%
Hunter Herald 5 Slimline

This stove has traditional styling. It has Cleanburn, Tripleburn and Cool Touch...

  • - 5%
Hunter Herald 6

The year it was out, the Herald 6 won Stove of the Year. What charmed the...

  • - 2%
Hunter Herald 6 Double Sided

This is a compact midsize model for double-sided glow. The award-winning...

  • - 1%
Hunter Herald 8

Looking for a low-maintenance multifuel stove? Try the Herald 8. With...

  • - 2%
Hunter Herald 8 Boiler Stove

Looking for a low-maintenance stove? Try the Herald 8. With an internal airwash that...

  • - 2%
Hunter Herald 8 Double Sided

The family-sized Hunter Herald 8 Double Sided warms up your room in an instant....

  • - 2%
Hunter Herald 80B

Designed to heat your home throughout. This stove can power a family...

  • - 3%
Hunter Inglenook

Create a cosy nook in your home. The traditionally-styled Inglenook is the...

  • - 5%