Invicta Stoves


Invicta stoves represent a top quality and beautifully made collection of wood burning appliances featuring traditional and modern styles and some interesting quirky designs.

The stoves range in output from 10 to 18KW and many of the traditional styles feature clean lines and large windows to give maximum views of the fire burning brightly in the firebox. Many of the stoves are available in coloured enamel finishes to compliment your decor and furniture.

Made in France, these stoves represent the very best in quality made cast iron wood burning stoves with styling touches and design second to none.

Invicta Bradford

The 12 kW Bradford enameled stove from Invicta is a beautiful...

Invicta Chamane

Great power and excellent performance for this Contemporary stove...

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Invicta Itaya

The Itaya is a 'widescreen Contemporary stove' with a large airwashed...

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Invicta Mandor

The Invicta Mandor is beautiful uniquely styled oval cast iron wood burning...

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Invicta Pharos

The Invicta Pharos is a contemporary cast iron stove which you...

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Invicta Sedan 10

The Invicta Sedan 10 is another impressive cast iron quality...

  • - 23%
Invicta Sedan 15

The Invicta Sedan 15 is another impressive cast iron quality made...

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