Rayburn / Aga

Rayburn / Aga

Warranting no introduction, the name AGA has been synomonous with rural living for decades. Rayburn is AGA's solid fuel and wood-burning premier range cooking product. A product of which there is no comparison, Rayburn build to order each and every range cooker at their factory in Shropshire, UK. Available with backboilers, a Rayburn can be a roomheater, cooking appliance and central heating boiler all in one. Choose from a large range of colours to suite your style and your French property. Once you have used and experienced a Rayburn as we have, nothing else will do. We do not feature the prices of their products here although you can contact us directly by email or phone for their tariffs. Premium products of Rayburn's nature however do come at a premium price and it is so very true in the case of an AGA Rayburn that you get what you pay for. So, If you are on a tight budget take a look at some of the alternative products available in our range cooker section!

Rayburn 200SFW

The Rayburn Cookmaster 200SFW is small but perfectly formed. It...

Rayburn 216SFW

The Rayburn Cookmaster 216SFW is a compact model range cooker that’s at home in the...

Rayburn 355SFW

The Rayburn Heatranger 355SFW is similar in size to the 200 Series but with a larger...

Rayburn R212SFW

The Rayburn Heatranger R212SFW is a compact model range that’s at home in the...

Rayburn R300

The 300W has been specifically designed to optimise the efficient burning of...