Stove Pipe Thermometer

Stove Pipe Thermometer

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This thermometer is an ENERGY METER for your stove. It needs to be placed magnetically at about eye level on your stove’s flue pipe it gives important control information for wood and multi-fuel stoves. By using the thermometer to ensure your stove is operating at the correct temperature it enables you to identify if your stove is too cold because this is when creosote deposits will form and on the other hand if it’s too hot then you are wasting energy and prevents over-firing.

Easy installation:- The stovepipe thermometer attaches magnetically, directly onto the metal flue pipe. Optimal location is at eye level, no less than 12" above the top of the stove where you can easily see it in the room

How to use the stovepipe thermometer:- Consult your stove manufacturer's manual and recommendations. Approximate guidelines below, if placed at eyelevel on a single wall flue pipe, for best operation:-

475° and higher: Wasting energy, possibly overheating. Higher temperatures will often be reached on initial firing but not advised for normal operation. Could ignite existing chimney deposits.

230°F to 475°F: Safe operating temperature. Complete combustion and best efficiency.

Less than 230°F: Temperature too low. Incomplete combustion causing smoke, soot and hazardous creosote. Open draught and/or add more fuel.


  • Attaches magnetically
  • Rugged welded construction
  • °C and °F readings
  • Safety screw included
  • 63mm (2.5") diameter


  • Longer lasting fires
  • Saves reloading
  • Conserves wood/coal
  • Less chimney cleaning