Parkray Consort 9 Boiler Stove

Parkray Consort 9 Boiler Stove

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Parkray Consort 9 Boiler Stove: With a heat output averaging 9kW, the Consort 9 fits nicely in the mid range stove category although there’s nothing average about the performance of this workhorse and it’s designed to fit in most fireplaces whilst having the ability to run your central heating and hot water needs.

Thoughtful features – like a handle that stays cool, and a recouper to direct heat into your room improve its performance even further. There’s good news for the housekeeper, too a clever ‘airwash’ system keeps smoke and carbon deposits from forming on the glass front so there’s less cleaning to do. There are two boiler options, one is a clip in boiler (18,750BTU’s) which will provide 2.5Kw heat output to your room and 5.5Kw heat to the boiler or the integral boiler stove which has the boiler built into the body of the firebox. The integral boiler is 29,000BTU’s and with provide you with 2.5kW heat to the room and 8 kW heat to the boiler which can be providing you heat through your central heating or heating you hot water cylinder.
Construction : Steel body with Cast Iron Doors
Parkray Consort 9 Boiler Stove Standard model : Matt black, flat top, double door
Heat output: Output nominal / max 7:5– 9:0kW
Fuel type(s): Multifuel or Woodburning only models
Efficiency: 73.4%
Log length (approx): 500mm
DIMENSIONS (standard)
Height : 634mm – flat top model
Width : 608mm
Depth : 403mm
Flue diameter : 155mm top and rear