Medium Output Stoves

Stoves in this category range from 6Kw to 9Kw and are suitable to heat areas between 70m3 and 132m3
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Dru 64CB

DRU 64 CB is a classic cast iron wood burning stove that...

Franco Belge Bearn

Franco Belge Bearn stove is made of cast iron and is a traditional wood burning stove...

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Franco Belge Gascon 11

Quality cast iron, this amazing stove also comes with an option to add an external...

Franco Belge Limousin

The Franco Belge Limousin Wood Burning Stove is one of the larger stoves in the...

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Franco Belge Savoie

The Franco Belge Savoie Wood Burning Stove is the next size up from the Montfort....

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Hunter Herald 5 Slimline

This stove has traditional styling. It has Cleanburn, Tripleburn and Cool Touch...

  • - 5%
Hunter Herald 6

The year it was out, the Herald 6 won Stove of the Year. What charmed the...

  • - 2%
Hunter Herald 6 Double Sided

This is a compact midsize model for double-sided glow. The award-winning...

  • - 1%
Hunter Herald 8

Looking for a low-maintenance multifuel stove? Try the Herald 8. With...

  • - 2%
Hunter Herald 8 Boiler Stove

Looking for a low-maintenance stove? Try the Herald 8. With an internal airwash that...

  • - 2%
Hunter Herald 8 Double Sided

The family-sized Hunter Herald 8 Double Sided warms up your room in an instant....

  • - 2%
Hunter Inglenook

Create a cosy nook in your home. The traditionally-styled Inglenook is the...

  • - 5%