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The Ketty pellet stove is a steel bodied stove representing excellent value for money in the Extraflame wood pellet stove range with a heat output range between 2.5 - 6kW.
This stove has all the features as the larger models and comes with an internal hopper for the storage of 15kg of pellets, a weekly programmer enabling you to set the stove to come on and go off automatically at set times throughout the day with its automatic ignition.

Colours available - Bordeaux red White, Black or Beige
Construction : Cast iron fire box with steel panels
Extraflame Standard model : Bordeaux Red
Heat output: Output nominal 2:5kW - 6:0kW
Fuel type(s): Wood Pellets
Efficiency: >85%
Weight 90kg
DIMENSIONS (standard)
Height : 884mm
Width : 456mm
Depth : 507mm
Flue diameter : 80mm rear
Hopper capacity : 15kg
Electrical consumption : 40 – 180w
Hourly consumption : 0.6 – 1.5kg per hour
Electrical ignition & Weekly programmer : Yes