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The Ketty pellet stove is a steel bodied stove representing excellent value for money in the Extraflame wood pellet stove range with a heat output range between 2.5 - 6kW.
This stove has all the features as the larger models and comes with an internal hopper for the storage of 15kg of pellets, a weekly programmer enabling you to set the stove to come on and go off automatically at set times throughout the day with its automatic ignition.

Colours available - Bordeaux red White, Black or Beige
Construction : Cast iron fire box with steel panels
Extraflame Standard model : Bordeaux Red
Heat output: Output nominal 2:5kW - 6:0kW
Fuel type(s): Wood Pellets
Efficiency: >85%
Weight 90kg
DIMENSIONS (standard)
Height : 884mm
Width : 456mm
Depth : 507mm
Flue diameter : 80mm rear
Hopper capacity : 15kg
Electrical consumption : 40 – 180w
Hourly consumption : 0.6 – 1.5kg per hour
Electrical ignition & Weekly programmer : Yes

I just love my new Ketty stove, my front room has never been so warm and its all at a touch of a button. It takes the stove a few minutes to fire up and is so quiet compared to other stoves I looked at. There is hardly any ash deposits and the glass stays lovely and clean. My life has been transformed and its cheap on the pocket too. Thank you for your recommendation.