Wood Burning Stoves

Stoves in this category are predominately designed or modified to burn wood only, and are thus termed wood Burning Stoves.

Some Wood Burning stoves manufacturer design their stoves to burn coal, anthracite, peat and other multi-fuel products as well as wood and these stoves can be found in the Multi-Fuel stove category. Dedicated Wood Burning stoves models do not always contain a grate and an ashpan.

The wood burning stove is designed for the fire to be burned on a bed of ash on the base of the stove or Wood Burner. The ash compresses down on the base of the stove and forms a hard crust. This ash acts as a sort of insulation on the stove's base and the remainder of the ash from burning good quality well-seasoned wood will atomise and be drawn up the flue and be expelled through the chimney terminal.

Dedicated Wood Burning Stoves are much more efficient (by as much as 30%) at wood burning than multi fuel stoves and they are usually much easier to 'keep in' overnight. They offer a larger firebox compared with the same sized multi fuel Wood Burning stoves and do not require regular de-ashing either. Experienced Wood Burning customers always favour choosing the Wood burning stoves only.

Our Wide Range of WoodBurning Stoves

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Hunter Herald 80B

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