Edilkamin Chic

Edilkamin Chic

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The Edilkamin Chic Evolution line wood burning stove has a beautiful cast ceramic external finish. The stove is available in red, amber and off-white.
The Edilkamin Chic is available in two versions: Natural Convection or Forced Ventilation. Designed especially to allow the distribution of hot air into adjoining rooms using the relevant kit. Structure and front panel are entirely in cast iron. The stove is equipped with S.C.P. (Clean Combustion System); this is an innovative system that guarantees cleaner combustion and greater heat efficiency, allowing lower pollutant levels (CO).
Stove Construction : Cast Iron
Standard Edilkamin Chic model : Red, Amber, or Off white
Heat output: Output nominal - convection 9:6kW /vented forced air 9:7kW
Fuel type(s): Wood
Heating efficiency: 70.3%
Volume that can be heated: 260m³
Height : 1150mm
Width : 680mm
Depth : 530mm
Flue diameter : 150mm