Edilkamin Vogue

Edilkamin Vogue

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The Edilkamin Vogue is a wood-burning stove and part of the Stylo Line Edilkamin range, characterized by their modern design; they can be wall or angle mounted or mounted in the centre of a room.

The Edilkamin Vogue has a steel covered refractory firebox, can operate manually or automatically and, thanks to its "drip" post-combustion system, is guaranteed low emissions. The stove has glass that is always clean and is equipped with S.C.P. (Clean Combustion System); this is an innovative system that guarantees cleaner combustion and greater heat efficiency, allowing lower pollutant levels (CO). The Edilkamin Vogue has the prestigious DIN 18891 STANDARDS certification; this recognition at an international level certifies the conformity of the product guaranteeing its quality, safety and respect for the environment.
Stove Construction : Steel
Standard Edilkamin Vogue model : Anthracite & Grey
Heat output: Output nominal 6:0kW / max 6:0kW
Fuel type(s): Wood
Heating efficiency: 81.95%
Volume that can be heated: 145m³
Height : 1180mm
Width : 560mm
Depth : 560mm
Flue diameter : 150mm top or rear