Parkray Consort 4

Parkray Consort 4

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Parkray Consort 4: The Consort 4 is a compact stove for where space is tight. It’s stylish outline and eco-friendly credentials makes it one of the more popular models.
Space may be tight, but there’s no need to compromise on your stove. This stove has a powerful presence and is available as a woodburning or multi-fuel model. With an average of 4kW heat output, the Consort 4 outperforms many of its bigger competitors. And it’s not just big on heat, it’s big on features, too. After 20 years of Parkray making acclaimed stoves, they have produced a functional, no-compromise, super-compact model.
Of course you can use it to burn wood, coal or sustainable fuel, you can trust it to smoulder away overnight and you can adjust the grate using the cool-touch handle. But you can expect even more from a Consort. The revolutionary ‘Cleanburn’ technology allows fewer gases into the atmosphere than traditional stoves do. It does this by reigniting the gases that are released as the fuel burns, which gives you even more heat and reduces environmental gas emissions. The airwash directs warmth over the inside of the door which keeps the glass clean too.
Construction : Steel body with Cast Iron Doors
Parkray Consort 4 Standard model : Matt black, flat top, single door
Heat output: Output nominal / max 3:4 – 5:0kW
Fuel type(s): Multifuel: Wood or Coal
Efficiency: 72.8%
Log length (approx): 280mm
DIMENSIONS (standard)
Height : 552mm – flat top model
Width : 395mm
Depth : 342mm
Flue diameter : 129mm top and rear