Chimney Sweeping

From €80chimney sweep France,00
  • Flue ways cleared
  • Birds nests, vermin & debris removed
  • Smoke evacuation & gas tightness tests
  • Official certificates of cleaning issued (Certificat de Ramonage)

In France there is an obligation to have your chimney swept twice a year if you use a wood-burning or other solid fuel stove, cooker, boiler appliance or an open fire, (For gas & oil appliances this requirement is reduced to once per year) though many people seldom have their flue ways swept at all!

There are primarily two main reasons to have a sweep carried out. Firstly, to reduce the build up of tar and other deposits which form on the internal walls of the flue way (generally caused as a result of incomplete combustion of the fuels used) and secondly to ensure that the flue way has not been partially or completely blocked as a result of debris falling down the chimney (generally caused by birds nesting or tiles, slates or masonry falling down the chimney stack).

In some parts of rural France there are still folk who believe that the best way to clear a chimney is to fire their shotguns up them, or drop live chickens down them! The results of these unorthodox sweeping methods have actually proved quite effective as the shock wave produced by a twelve bore, as well as the flapping caused by a poulet can produce immediate cleansing results! Unfortunately accidents occur (entire chimney stacks have been known to collapse using the shot gun method!) and it has been known for poor poulet poultry to become stuck resulting in Kentucky fried aromas emanating from flue ways for months afterwards! With some sweeps offering little more in terms of a sweeping service by passing an old worn out brush once up a chimney and calling themselves a professional sweep, one can understand why some people resort to extreme methods for the sake of having their chimneys cleaned! Check out our blog on the subject showing some really shocking chimney nightmares!

sweeps brushWith Stove-Sellers you can be sure that your chimney will be swept properly. We have brushes of many shapes, sizes and different grades as well as a good selection of rods of different lengths and strengths. Additionally, with soot classified as a hazardous product (it contains cancerous carcinogens) it’s important to ensure that as much of the dust and soot deposits as possible are removed from the chimney. Hence why it’s important to ensure that your sweep uses protective soot cloths as well as an industrial hazardous class dust vac to clear up all the soot debris.

Typically, the average cost of a sweep is between €80,00 & €95,00. If you are having a site survey & chimney sweep carried out at the same time (advised) then the cost is just an additional €55,00 on top of the charge for the survey (depending on the distance travelled).

We believe we offer all our clients excellent value for money and we typically spend around 40mins on average sweeping & scraping clean your flue way. The time spent depends on your type of flue way used (e.g. chimney, liner or prefabricated flue). For further or annual visits thereafter you are able to book with us in advance or we will send you a reminder informing you of when your chimney is due a sweep.

Once your chimney has been swept you will be issued with a certificate (Certificat de Ramonage) which confirms that the flue way has been cleared throughout its entire length. This certificate should be kept for at least a year and will need to be produced as evidence to prove that your chimney has been swept in the event of an insurance claim arising from, for example, a chimney fire.
Further details are available on request.

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