Wood Stove and Liner Installations

Wood burner installation costs?

We are always asked how much it will cost to install a wood-burning stove or chimney liner PROPERLY and at Stove-Sellers, we specialise in fitting flexible stainless steel flue liners and prefabricated rigid sectional steel liners as well as fully insulated chimney systems. Most (but not all) properties in France already have a chimney so essentially all we have to do is decide how suitably sound the chimney is to take a stove, and the method of fitting (i.e. whether to use the existing chimney or, as is most often the case, whether to line it). stovax regency

To give you some idea of the costs involved and to help you budget, we have listed the principle components needed and their costs. The below is just a guide. For an accurate quote a thorough survey would have to be conducted beforehand, but here are some pointers of the components you will most certainly need for starters. Please remember that Stove-Sellers is a specialist stove installer (not a builder, plumber or renovation company). We only install to a high standard and all our installations comply with the relevant FRENCH building legislation currently in force. Therefore make sure that your installer quotes you for a professional installation and itemises all the parts required such as those mentioned below so that you can make your comparison. If they say that some parts are 'not needed' ask them why not, as although their quote may seem cheaper the quality of their installation may fall well below your expectations with complications (such as water leaking from an unsealed chimney pot) showing itself only well after you have bought and paid for your installation. Ask them what they know about the regulations too. A responsibleFrench installer will know them well and will even be able to provide copies of them if requested. Be suspicious if they try to change the subject if they don't seem to know what you are talking about.

  • Flexible chimney liner
    (Type: Class 1 double skinned for solid fuel appliances). Depending on the length of your flue budget around €50, 00 per metre of liner. Most liners required will be of 6” (150mm) in diameter. Some may be larger (e.g 8”/200mm) and cost a few euros per metre more. Beware of buying cheap liners as they may not have a full 10 year guarantee (as ours do) and may only be suitable for gas & oil appliances and are NOT the same as those used for woodburners which have a higher temperature rating. Heavy duty liners will cost more and are more suitable for long periods of slow burning or 'slumbering' and are more commonly used with boiler stoves and cookers.
  • Top and bottom liner brackets
    For supporting the liner to the top of the stack as well as fixing it at the bottom you will require 2 stainless steel brackets costing around €22,00 - €29,00 each.
  • Adapter
    To connect the flexible liner to the stoves offtake pipe. €27.
  • Enammelled stove pipe
    The main pipe which comes off the top of the stove and disappears into the 'gather' area of the chimney before connecting to the liner. Budget around €45 for a metre of length of decent quality 6" heavy duty stove pipe.
  • Steel register/closure plate
    A plate made of 1.5mm mild steel with a hole cut slightly larger than the diameter of the flue pipe which is fixed to the gather area of the chimney (the part of the top of the fireplace recess which funnels the flue gasses into the flue-way). A small register plate will cost around €55 with the largest costing in excess of €100 if for example, you have a huge inglenook sized opening to close off.
  • Brackets
    You will need various brackets to fix and support the register/closure plate into position. Budget around €30 for an average sized chimney.
  • Labour As a specialist company, we have a competitive labour rate of €37,50 HT per engineer, per hour. For liner installations we usually quote based on an average 8 hour day (excluding travel and associated expenses). However, once we have issued a quotation and agreed terms our quote remains fixed irrespective of how long the job takes. In this way you can rest assured that you will not have any nasty surprises with the cost of your installation spiraling if we have already surveyed the job beforehand.

black rayburnIn addition, you may also require various other items such as a pipe rose cover to make good the overall finished appearance of the fitted stove pipe, fireproof rope and fire cement to create a good seal between all the component parts used, additional stove pipes (T pieces) may be required if you require the stove pipe to exit from the rear of the stove in which case you will need to provide a suitable access for the sweeps brush. You may also require a suitable chimney pot/termination and chimney or flue liner insulation. The cost of these parts will depend on the size and length of the flue-way but a simple insulated board made from a non-combusible material such as rockwool will cost around €18,00 (for a 1.0m x 0.6m board).

Most installations will take an experienced two man team around a day to complete in most cases. Remember that if you have your stove supplied and fitted by us you will benefit from a reduced rate of T.V.A. applicable to both the stove and the cost of the installation. That’s 5.5% instead of the usual 20%. Therefore there will be a significant 14.5% reduction on the advertised price of the stove. If you are a permanent resident in France you can also benefit from the credit d'impot on certain models up until Dec 2014 which if you meet all the conditions you can now claim back up to 30% of the cost of the stove. Speak to us if your not sure if you qualify although if you are a permanent resident and your home is your main residence you will qualify even if you are retired, do not work or do not complete tax returns.

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We hope this gives you a better idea as to the costs and some of the work involved but for a more precise quotation contact us and arrange for us to conduct a survey.