The 12 Stoves of Christmas

20 Dec

If you all want for Christmas is a wood burning stove – or alternatively, a multi fuel stove or pellet burning stove – there is an array of models to choose from.

Wood Burning

So, join us as we take you on a festive journey through the 12 Stoves of Christmas…

  1. 1. Wood burning stoves – Stoves that are dedicated to burning wood only are often much more efficient than multi fuel stoves. We love the traditional look of the Franco Belge range.
  2. 2. Multi fuel stoves – These stoves are predominantly designed to burn coal, anthracite, peat and other multi fuels, as well as wood, offering great versatility. The Hunter range features a brilliant variety of styles and sizes.
  3. 3. Pellet burning stoves – Many can be operated by a remote control or even from your mobile phone. The Ketty pellet stove in the Extraflame range provides excellent value for money.
  4. 4. Wood burning boiler stoves – Models such as the Diadema Idro can run your hot water and central heating systems.
  5. 5. Wood burning range cookers – An amateur chef’s dream, stoves like those in the Nordica range offer style and great cooking power.

6, 7 & 8 – Low, medium and high output stoves – Make sure you choose the right stove to heat your space.

  1.   9. Double sided wood burners – These stunning models, such as the Parkray Consort range, are both practical and a fantastic focal point.
  2.   10. Traditional stoves – Love the look of classic stoves? We have a vast selection to choose from.
  3.   11. Contemporary stoves – For minimalists, we offer many sleek and modern designs, including models from the popular Stovax range.
  4.   12. Enamelled stoves – Surfaces that are enamelled, such as on the Dru 64CB, are strong and effortless to clean.

Does the choice seem a little daunting? Talk to the experts at Stove Sellers and we’ll make sure you select the right stove for your home and lifestyle.

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