How to avoid Halloween chimney horrors

18 Oct

Autumn has arrived with a vengeance in the last few weeks and now that the evenings are creeping in, owners of wood burning, pellet burning and multi fuel stoves will be looking forward to firing up the flames once again.

Chimney Sweeping

But as tempting as it might be to snuggle up with the family on Halloween to enjoy the cosy warmth from your stove, you must pause and think about your chimney. When was it last swept?

In France, the law states that you must have your chimney swept every six months during its period of use. This is to help avoid chimney fires by clearing away any debris such as soot, leaves, sticks, birds’ nests and any other animals that might have moved in over the summer.

If your chimney was swept more than six months ago, you must hold off lighting your stove until the job has been done. Chimney fires can be devastating and they pose a significant safety risk for you, your family, your pets and your home itself.

In England, research suggests that 50% of chimney fires take place between January and March – peak season for stove use. Over in the United States, there are approximately 25,000 chimney fires per year, causing more than $125 million worth of damage.

It’s safe to assume that unswept chimneys will have accounted for many of these fires so, don’t become just another statistic. Call in a professional, such as Stove Sellers, to sweep your chimney thoroughly and ensure that you’re in a safe position to enjoy your stove this autumn and winter.

But hurry, this is a busy time of year for all chimney sweeps! Get in touch with us today – we can banish the curse of the unsafe chimney and make sure you only have sweet dreams this Halloween.

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